YAST opens for The Drums!

YAST will suport The Drums in Stockholm, Göteborg och Lund!

We can also announce that Mattias from Headstomp Productions are YAST official booker, you can reach him at mattias@headstomp.com.

See YAST live in march here:

2012.03.08 YAST @ Mejeriet, Lund w/The Drums

2012.03.09 YAST @ Berns, Stockholm w/The Drums

2012.03.11 YAST @ Brew House, Göteborg w/The Drums

2012.03.29 - YAST @ Babel, Malmö - w/ Zola Jesus

2012.03.30 - YAST @ Umeå Open - Umeå

2012.03.31 - YAST @ Debaser Slussen, Stockholm w/Zola Jesus

For more info, press, interviews etc:

Joakim Lindberg contact@doublesunrecordings.com

Emelie Bååth haretracks@gmail.com

Magnus Bjerkert magnus@adrianrecordings.com