Artist: Terrible Feelings

Title: Tremors

Format: Album

Release date: April 1

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12" vinyl via Sabotage Records


Terrible Feelings - Backwoods

Terrible feelings

Artist: Terrible Feelings

Titel: Backwoods

Format: Digital, 7" (via sabotage records, deranged records)

Katalognummer: DS009

Releasedatum: 05.08.13


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RA Bloodline cover

Let me introduce RA for you!

RA is a band from Malmö, Sweden. It is Simon Minó, Erik Blondell, Felix Mårtensson, Martin Nilsson and Anton Gustafsson. Their music sounds like a trip back to the dark 80s (bands like Jesus & Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, Bauhaus) and with a touch from the new psychedelic scene.

The band was formed in autumn 2012 and after great success with two demos at Youtube decided they boys to record a 4-track EP with Joakim Lindberg from MF/MB/ as producer. The EP is called Bloodline and due to release June the 12th! It will be released on a 10" vinyl and digitally.

You can already pre-order the vinyl at the shop.

Video for bloodline:


PSL did a premiere and Rockfoto made the first interview!

I can also let out that there will come some new music from Terrible Feelings during the summer!

Take care


Debut album from YAST is released!

YAST cover

Artists: YAST

Album title: YAST

Catalogue#: ar12" 146/DS007

Release date: January 30, 2013

Label: Adrian Recordings / Double Sun

Maybe it's just a coincidence or maybe it's actually a necessity to have your roots in a steel-producing town like Sandviken to acquire a deep enough longing for somewhere else, if you happen to be dreamy, alternative guys who play music. YAST, the lo-fi romantics, are just that. The band was formed in 2007 by Carl Kolbaek-Jensen, Tobias Widman and Marcus Norberg. In 2008, they were lured down to Malmö and a couple of years ago Markus Johansson and Niklas Wennerstrand, the drummer and bass player from the postrock band Aerial, joined forces.

In February 2012, they released their first single “Believes”. It was the first in a single trilogy, consisting of "Believes", "Strangelife" and "Stupid", leading up to their upcoming debut album. A trio of perfect dreamy pop songs which in their nonchalant but humble way are placing themselves on music blogs all over the world. Rarely has a Swedish band had a better start to their career. In addition to this viral attention, they have played tons during the year including together with related artists such as TOY, The Drums, Tame Impala and DIIV. Plus a UK tour and several festivals.

"Describing YAST can be hard, but also really easy. On the one hand, it's just plain and simple pop with a verse, chorus and solo. Songs about love, loneliness and confusion. With stolen melodies in a language a three year old could understand. On the other hand, it's our love, our loneliness and our confusion. It took just over a year and a half to record the album. But it feels like the first seed for what would finally become a record was sown back in 2008 when we moved to Malmö. We have the people we got to know there to thank for everything, and the city itself to thank for all the inspiration. But basically, this is a love album, about good and less good relationships, based on true events. And if it reaches out and touches people in any way, then we're happy.”

YAST - November 2012

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Listen to it at Spotify or Soundcloud.

Nöjesguiden 6 of 6

Gaffa 5 of 6

Aftenbladet 5 of 6

GöteborgsPosten 4/5

Allehanda 4/5 - article

City 4/5

And more will come!


Terrible Feelings supports Refused again!

Terrible Feelings will support Refused again this Saturday at Annexet, Stockholm! Amazing. Otherwise, this years second US-tour went great and with over around 80 gigs in 2012, we wish you guys a great new year. So will it be for us.. Big plans for both TF and DS.

Take care